The Gratitude Theory

By ZellieChange, Gratitude, Letting Go, Musings, Wisdom

Oh my goodness I’m so grateful I could burst! Can you feel it too? Don’t worry if you can’t yet, I bet after this post you’ll want to join me in a not-actually-physically-going-to-burst kind of burst way. That’s a bit of a bhoomie mouthful I know, so how about we counter it with a simple … Read More

Reclaim Your Horse Sense

Reclaim Your Horse Sense

By ZellieBelief, Change, Inspiration, Letting Go, Musings

How would you describe the word “intuition” to someone else? Would you say that it’s something mystical that can’t be explained, or a feeling in your belly that’s usually right (or wrong)? Maybe you wouldn’t know how to describe it and maybe you don’t believe it exists at all – whichever way, there is something … Read More