The Heart Story Part 1

The Heart Story Part 1

By Lie-Lie and ZellieFriendship, Love, Wisdom

“Swoosh” said River and tilted his head to the left. “Ah, you want me to tell you a story don’t you? Hmmm…let me see…” Mermaid touched the tip of her nose and swirled around three times so that she was suddenly surrounded by a coat of sparkling bubbles. “To tell a story is to share … Read More

A Book A Week Pray My Soul To Keep

A Book A Week Pray My Soul To Keep

By ZellieBalance, Calm, Inspiration, Musings, Wisdom

Life can sometimes get a little cluttered with words, especially the ones that get spoken quickly and constantly every day – like “Hello” or “I need”, but here in Bhoomieland we try to celebrate every word as if it has never been spoken before. That’s why we marvel at all “H’s” and “O’s” and greet … Read More

The Gratitude Theory

By ZellieChange, Gratitude, Letting Go, Musings, Wisdom

Oh my goodness I’m so grateful I could burst! Can you feel it too? Don’t worry if you can’t yet, I bet after this post you’ll want to join me in a not-actually-physically-going-to-burst kind of burst way. That’s a bit of a bhoomie mouthful I know, so how about we counter it with a simple … Read More

How Big Is Your Inner Puff?

By ZellieBalance, Calm, Courage, Musings, Nurturing, Wisdom

Roarrr! Roarrrrrrrrrr! Did I scare you? No? ROAAAAARRRR!! How about now? Yes? Great! I still have it! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Samson and I used to roar all the time. Running through the Bhoomieland savanna, hiding behind rocks and trees until I could pounce on someone and roar out my strength … Read More