Going through Me-Time month and spending a lot of energy on analysing my priorities and time, I’ve realised that I have been writing a lot of To-Do lists. To be honest, I quite like my To-Do lists, but this month has seen me doubling their output as I try to make more time for myself.

Then last week – seeing that I was becoming slightly overwhelmed – wise Valores Moon referred me to the ever-inspiring Danielle La Porte suggesting that I try to balance out a few of my goals with things I wish to stop doing.

Danielle La Porte says: “…what you stop doing is just as important as the things you start doing. Read that twice, please. Because this concept could change everything for you — if you let it. That way, the time and effort spent on things that have no positive value could be put towards the goals that do.”

This is how I came to do my “Stop Doing” list.

So here in Bhoomieland we have started writing our “Stop Doing” lists and we’ll be sharing them with you over the next few weeks on our Facebook and Twitter pages, so get your pen ready and join in!

What will you STOP on yours?




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