Oh my goodness I’m so grateful I could burst! Can you feel it too? Don’t worry if you can’t yet, I bet after this post you’ll want to join me in a not-actually-physically-going-to-burst kind of burst way.

That’s a bit of a bhoomie mouthful I know, so how about we counter it with a simple little word (that has a very big meaning!), gratia – the Latin term from which huge things like gratitude and gratefulness was born. These words came into being because people started recognising all the good things they already had in their lives rather than chasing after the things they thought would make them happy.

I have always believed that being grateful for what you have fills you up with happiness – that’s why I built my grati-toot! Since my thank-yous have had wings, they’ve been able to fly out to everywhere, because everywhere deserves to be happy. And to give my grati-toot extra oomph, I have programmed it with the following equation.

Gratitude = A very happy soul

Yes it’s official – gratitude has become scientific! Research done by psychologists (such as Dr. Robert A. Emmons – University of California and Dr. Michael E. McCullough – University of Miami) has shown that writing about the things that you’re grateful for has a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. Not only does this make you feel so happy you could toot, but it also makes you feel like jumping – yes people, gratitude makes you want to exercise too!

So overall, being grateful and saying thank you can change you inside and out. But you don’t necessarily have to write it down if you’re not a writing kind of person, you could say it out loud like I do, or you could meditate on it.

Whichever way works best for you, if you start saying thank you for the things you have in your life, the things you don’t will become less significant. Give it a little go, after all, there isn’t anything for you to lose, just lots and lots of happiness to gain.

Toot you soon!

Ta, signing out gratefully xxx