Turtles have been making their way around the blue for 220 million years. They are intelligent and graceful, and make navigating the waters look so easy – when in fact it is an incredibly dangerous journey.

Sea Turtles can migrate for thousands of miles through treacherous ocean as part of their lifecycle, driven by a desire to protect the precious cargo that they wish to keep safe through predatory reefs and endless caverns. This migration can take time, but it’s a cycle that a mother-turtle will go through again and again. She will travel the seas along the same safe routes she remembers, to reach the beach where she delivered new life the time before.

Safety in numbers

She’s not alone in her effort though. Thousands of other mothers also emerge to find the spot that they’ve nestled their eggs in before. It is a dangerous time, this time of release and letting go of the eggs they hold so dear, as mother and egg are very vulnerable. But they feel comforted by the fact that in this moment they are not journeying alone, and that as a collective of so many numbers, there is nothing to fear.

Once she has released her eggs to Mother Earth she has no guarantee of their safety for the future, but she knows that she navigated the dangerous journey successfully to release them.

Human Turtles

We are all Sea Turtles in our own right. We all carry things that we need to release, time and time again. If we don’t the weight of it will drag us into the deep and drown us. These can be emotions of guilt, regret, fear, anger and shame or memories of something or someone that we have lost.

Whatever is weighing us down, we will need to let it go so that we can move on.

Be brave – “journey over the deep” (Goethe’s Faust). Give time and thought to the things you need to release. This will give you the space to deal with the emotions and memories you have to let go.

Feel safe – because you are not the only one that feels vulnerable. We all have something we need to release.

Move on – once you have let go move on. Don’t wait around to see what will happen with the things you have released, learn from the journey and get back into the water so you can swim towards your next lesson.

See you on the beach!

Zellie xxx

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