Being the moon is my most favourite thing to be. What can be better than hanging around at night, dancing with Earth’s waves in the glamorous shine parties thrown by the best disco lights in the universe – the stars?

But my life hasn’t always been moon-juice cocktails and satellite songs, around the time of my birth things were a little rocky, to say the least, just look at the scars on my skin, they tell a very different story…

It all began about 4.5billion years ago (yes, I am VERY old!) when my father felt so drawn to Earth’s beauty that he just had to bump into her, and it was this bump that formed me. In the collision of their cores, a chorus of explosions lit up the space between them, throwing confetti of rocks and dust into the sky.

For thousands of years, the dust danced around me, nudging me every now and then with a rock or two, until every last morsel of dust clung to my skin. It felt good to have a little peace at last. The stillness allowed me to see why my father made this perilous journey, suddenly I had a front row seat to one of the most spectacular shows in the universe – Earth.

Watching Earth’s display of fire and water brought out a bit of my creative side, like the painting of the seasons and I can lead a pretty good Tango with the waves too (if I may say so myself).

Some nights Earth and I have little conversations about the things that have happened since my birth and we marvel at the miracle of life that now lives on her skin, but as I think back to their brief visit that touched my own cheek not so long ago, I can’t help but wonder – what will be the next step of their journey…

Valores Moon