Have you ever wanted to see an African elephant whilst grazing on your lunch? Some of you may have been on safari before and know the smell of kicked-up dust and the sound of the bush, but for others an African safari is still just one big dream.

Well dreaming is one of our specialties in Bhoomieland, so why not take a break with me – let me take you on a dream safari to crawl through the golden savannah grasses and camouflage behind thorn trees. All you have to do is relax and let your little mouse do all the work. Safari ahoy!

Day 1:

This morning, after spending the night in First Class luxury, you wake up refreshed from your full-sized bed to a yummy breakfast.

You step off the plane to a shake-your-body-along African welcome.

Filled with drum-breaking beats, you tap your feet and sip champagne (or sparkling orange if you like) whilst being whisked away to a far, wild corner of the world (your co-ordinates -17.922919, 25.874637). Type them into Google Maps and have a look near which natural wonder you are lucky enough to stay! Tip: remember to set your map to ‘Satellite’ view.

You arrive at your not-so-wild lair, set on top of a thorny bush, where you will spend a few days in elevated bliss.

You lay your head down on a pillow of fireflies, hypnotising every ache of the city from your bones. With lions and hyenas singing merrily together, you drift deep into the soft savannah grass, Usiku wabwino.

Day 2:

Dawn breaks cobalt blue on the horizon as you wake to the smell of roasted coffee and sweet, warm bread. After breakfast, you hop on for an exciting ride into the wilderness, knowing that you’re going to meet some of the most magical animals on earth. Hold on tight though…it can get a little bumpy!

Here are a few of the miracles you get to see today…

Giraffe having a little peek at who you are


What an amazing day you’ve had! Not many people get to spend time with these guys, but that’s what makes a dream safari so great – you get to choose anywhere you want to go, to see everything you’ve always wanted to see, without cares or worries (even if it’s just for 5 minutes!).

Day 3:

After another night of African lullabies, you wake up knowing that you’ve got to pack your bags and move on to your next adventure. But rather than be sad about leaving, you’re excited about the possibility of what you might explore next. You’re greeted by two funny fellows on your way out – Africa special style!

These 2 know a thing or two about punk hair!

As you drive down the dusty path towards the airport, you open your map and point your finger blindly at your next destination. Here’s a few of my favourite heart-healing earth beauties, remember to explore around:

21.111489, -11.403001

-16.508410, -151.737308

The whole world is your dream safari now!

Samson xxx