Flying arcs of elegance, colour and beauty – that’s what I think when I watch butterflies glide graciously through the garden. On the outside they may seem timid because of their beautiful paper-thin wings, but butterflies are quite something else. They made their first appearance on Mother Earth around 40-50 million years ago and during all this time it’s fair to say that they have learned a lot of incredibly useful information and tactics about being resilient – otherwise they wouldn’t be fluttering so fearlessly, as they still do today.

Firstly, being born a vulnerable, slow-crawling caterpillar that spins itself into a deep darkness must be quite scary. Then morphing and bursting out from that darkness into the most magnificent light – this time with wings that have never been used, must be equally traumatic. But even after all this change and in this vulnerable state, the butterfly calmly climbs somewhere safe where it can dry its wings, and normally within about an hour it can fly off into the breeze. Now that’s quick learning!








And if that’s not enough butterfly awesomeness, then how about this – not only do butterflies go through the whole caterpillar and chrysalis vulnerability cycle so that they can become a butterfly and move on, but they also carry incredible colours and markings on their wings to camouflage them from danger – see pics. This clever tool is something they have used for millions of years to stay safe (and streetwise) on dangerous turf.

So this is what I have learned from butterflies:

1. Don’t hold onto the past – LET GO – no matter how vulnerable it makes me, so that I can grow into something stronger.

2. Learn what I have to learn from difficult experiences and move on to the next moment.

3. Growing from what I have learned will help me to become streetwise for the next unknown corner.

Let’s leave behind our caterpillars and cocoons and move into the light, fly lovely tough butterflies, fly!



What the caterpillar calls the END OF THE WORLD, the master calls a BUTTERFLY - Richard Bach
What the caterpillar calls the END OF THE WORLD, the master calls a BUTTERFLY – Richard Bach