it's gonna be a bright bright sunshiny day!

*Weatherlady | Elegant Human-Bhoomie hybrid creature with an extendable neck. Chooses the weather based on what she would like to wear today.

Now, we already know that Bhoomieland is a magical place that sometimes (when you look closely) reflects the inner landscapes of human beings. Every now and again new creatures appear. I'm a big fan of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way and write morning pages every, well, most days. Occasionally new friends just fall out of my pen in moments when I drift off and forget to write. The weatherladies are some of these friends. They make me laugh and I guess they reflect a little bit how I felt that day. I didn't even think of really developing them until this year's calendar theme came along: 2017 | The Year of the Weatherwise Wings. How could I now not consult the weatherladies as they are clearly experts! Anyway, here are a few of them in different stages of development to hopefully let some sunshine flow into your day too.

a lovely little song to accompany you

Weatherlady Hildegard and her 'pot-plant special' meditation outfit
Weatherlady Janet
Weatherlady Vivienne
Weatherlady Dorothy
Weatherlady Theodora Phase i
Weatherlady Agatha
Frau Knopf
Weatherlady Mary Maple
Weatherlady Priscilla
Weatherlady Theodora Phase ii
Weatherlady Theodora


It's not that the Weatherladies are new. I think the first one happened somewhere in 2013 already. And they've also been present in Bhoomieland as small secret references like this one:

Bhoomie Neo


Don't you just love when the tiny things you do today eventually come together? It's definitely one of my favourite studio joys! Proof that if you keep taking tiny steps every day, it will eventually get to some destination. Even better when the destination is a surprise!


  • So glad the weatherladies have escaped from your creativity and out into the world. We can always do with more magic, colour and love for the beauty of weather! xxx

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