The Gratitude Theory

By ZellieChange, Gratitude, Letting Go, Musings, Wisdom

Oh my goodness I’m so grateful I could burst! Can you feel it too? Don’t worry if you can’t yet, I bet after this post you’ll want to join me in a not-actually-physically-going-to-burst kind of burst way. That’s a bit of a bhoomie mouthful I know, so how about we counter it with a simple … Read More

Samson’s Safari Cake For One Recipe

Samson’s Safari Cake For One Recipe

By ZellieBalance, Courage, Sparkle

Ingredients: 1  Teaspoon of Lion pride 2  Pages of poetry (self-written is best) ½ Teaspoon of Kalahari dust 5cm Zebra stripe (black or white) 120g Bhoomie sparkle and 1 almighty roar! Method: Carefully transfer the Bhoomie sparkle into a large bowl, make sure you don’t spill any, otherwise your kitchen will start dancing (if you … Read More

How Big Is Your Inner Puff?

By ZellieBalance, Calm, Courage, Musings, Nurturing, Wisdom

Roarrr! Roarrrrrrrrrr! Did I scare you? No? ROAAAAARRRR!! How about now? Yes? Great! I still have it! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Samson and I used to roar all the time. Running through the Bhoomieland savanna, hiding behind rocks and trees until I could pounce on someone and roar out my strength … Read More