September is a month of changes. In the Northern world it’s getting darker by a few minutes every day, and in the Southern world the sun is hanging around for a bit longer than it did the day before. I am so grateful for these changes, not only because they breathe life into Seasons and Seasons breathe life into leaves, but also because I’m pretty much grateful for everything!

Yep, I’m grateful for caterpillars, fireflies, flowers and thank-you’s, sunshine, Bhoomie soup, balloons, Safari-cake-for-one batter and so many, many other things!

But there are some things that I’m a teeny bit more grateful for than others, they are the top 5 on my Wonder List of Bhoomie Gratitude, and here they are:

  1. I am grateful for you. You, wonderful soul, have opened your heart to be hugged by us Bhoomies and together our laughter creates miracles.
  2. I am grateful to be a Bhoomie. Being part of Mother Earth helps me appreciate the gifts she keeps bringing (like the Aurora Borealis), making it feel like a Bhoomie birthday every day!
  3. I am grateful for my Gratitoot. Without it I wouldn’t be able to trumpet my thank-you’s out to the world.
  4. I am grateful for snail races. There’s nothing more exciting than watching a winner cross the finish line at 0.000357 mph!
  5. I am grateful for everything else that’s wonderful but can’t be marked on this list.

So that’s it, so many things to be grateful for and if you want to start collecting gratefulness then why not start a Gratitude Jar! I have one (a very big jar if I may say so myself), Samson has one, Valores has one, Neo just started his, Daisy has one, Joy has one…and so on…I think you get the picture.

Gratitude is awesome and you are awesome, so combining the two can only create one big ball of grateful AWESOMENESS!

Go on, I dare you…what are you grateful for?

Ta xxx