Maia a.k.a Thuli's mum
Maia a.k.a Thuli’s mum

My Dearest Beautiful Bhoomie Child,

I had our futures planned out for every moment until I became aware of your presence in my life and what that would mean. It started when you grew from atoms inside me into a beating heart with movement and warmth. During this time of growth, I started to grow too, not just in my body, but in my soul. I became more aware of the art of life and the beauty in which nature can create something miraculous that changes the way you see everything, even the things you believe in. Nature created a one-of-a-kind and priceless work of art inside me – you.

Holding you against me for the first time, our skin touching, I became aware of your first breaths and how strange they must feel to you. Breathing is something that I take for granted, but in that moment I realised that futures and pasts don’t exist, the only thing that happens in each moment is the moment itself. That was the first time I allowed myself to be in the present.

It was hard to juggle all the things that came after I took you home and I didn’t want to allow myself to be in the present – I wanted to remain the organised and professional planner that I had always been. But over time, I stopped fighting against my instinct of being in the moment. Taking care of your little body, making sure you were safe and happy, meant that I didn’t have time to think about or do anything else. The world outside sometimes forgets how valuable this type of care is, but you have taught me that nurturing you is the most important and valuable thing I will ever do.

I would like to thank you for awakening my creativity. For sharing your surprise and innocence with me in every moment you see or touch something new, like a leaf or sand. I would like to thank you for showing me that it’s ok to carry you with me while you sleep and I go about my day – that I don’t have to leave you somewhere and feel guilty, but that instead we can share our life in as many moments as possible. In listening to my intuition, you have helped me to discover my deepest self and I have learned to work with my own inner child, to nurture and appreciate it, rather than try to stifle it like so many out in the world would expect of me.

But most importantly I would like to thank you for showing me that it’s ok to be a creative without recognition or money as reward, because that’s what Nature does every day. Nature creates beautiful miracles without expecting anything in return and just because society has different ideas about success, their views are now nothing compared to my success of nurturing and loving you.

With infinite love,

Your Mum xxx


This letter was inspired by Sanem Aker Hakuba’s life-touching transformation into an inspirational mother. (Her blog is in Turkish, but so inspirational that reading between the lines on Google Translate is definitely worth it :))