Life can sometimes get a little cluttered with words, especially the ones that get spoken quickly and constantly every day – like “Hello” or “I need”, but here in Bhoomieland we try to celebrate every word as if it has never been spoken before. That’s why we marvel at all “H’s” and “O’s” and greet every one of them with a welcoming smile. Not only does this make the word feel important, but also the mouth that sets it free.

It can be easy to take something that is all around us for granted, just take me for example. I’m a librarian, and I have books that surround every side of me, right, left, bottom and top. I sleep on them, I laugh with them and I even love to breathe them, especially the new ones that fly in through my window, but a time came when so many flew through that I started to wonder about the how and why of books.

For months I scoured through every line, looking at the deepest insides of every page and what I found was a true revelation! Every stack of books is formed by a gathering of single books, and every single book is formed by the gathering of words, and every single word is constructed with bricks of letters. When you ponder it, doesn’t it seem like one of the most incredible constructions of all time? One that holds a collection of single¬†letters working together as one to tell our life stories and flare our imaginations. In my opinion, this makes the relationship between books, words and letters one of the most beautiful love affairs of all time, that in one moment can touch your soul with tears and the next take you on a mind-altering journey.

So in the spirit of incredible words, ¬†I’d like to share a few of my favourites with you. You can write them down or just read them now, but I hope that if you hear them spoken some day that you will give them the warmest welcome and biggest smile in all of human land.

Basking – To bask in the light of all the souls that surround yours every day, even in the darkness.

Exhale – To exhale the good things in your heart out into your life and then recycle them back in.

Moiety – To remember that you are two equal parts, one part body and the other soul.

Ripple – To understand that your life makes a ripple in the lives of others, big/small is up to you.

Namaste Bhoomie friends, may your weeks be filled with words, wisdom and wishes.

Katie xxx

Sea of Letters
Sea of Letters