A letter arrived by cloud-courier this morning. Now usually I give all letters a quick scan before locking them in the Vault of Wishes and I was about to give this one the same quick read, but when I held it in my hand I could feel that something about it was different…so I opened it. The smallest piece of paper dropped to the floor, I picked it up and saw the tiny heading at the top – The Littlest Things

I read on…

Dearest keeper of my littlest things

Last week I fell asleep on the platform and a small bag fell from my pocket. I didn’t realise my loss until I got home and started searching for it everywhere, but of course it wasn’t there. It doesn’t look like anything special, in fact it’s a little torn and dusty, but it is a very special little bag to me – you see it holds all my little things.

In case you find such a little bag in your Found It! section I thought you may need to know of the things inside mine, so you could tell that the bag is the one I’m missing (please be careful whilst looking through, it contains many delicates!).

Here’s the list:

A page from the book that changed my perspective a little (then my life a lot) – The Persistence of Yellow by Monique Duval,

Two moments of morning sunlight on my lover’s face,

The time I laughed so loudly my eyes couldn’t stop crying,

An abstract pattern that danced for me at a gallery once,

The softness of my mother’s hands,

A pine needle from our spontaneous walk into the forest,

My first wrinkle,

and lastly the hum of a butterfly’s wings.

You may think it silly for me to keep these, but to me these small things have given me the biggest life to live. If you find this bag, please keep it safe and I will enquire on my next visit.

Your Sincerely,


So there you go Bhoomie friends, I couldn’t say it better if I tried to – hold on to those precious little things, because they can end up leaving the biggest ripples of joy in your life.

Here’s a picture of some of the little things that’s bringing me a lot of joy at the moment…

02_blog_paper_wk3_wordsWishing you a day filled with the small things!

Katie xxx