Last week we shared the point-of-view changing techniques of power-posing and superhero writing. How did you get on with these? I did at least five Wonder Woman poses (I say at least, because two of them were in my head – I had no where to go!) and I also wrote a few lines as Solar Love (one part of trio Superhero awesomeness – Team Galaxy), here’s a snippet:

“I’ve had 34,000 bolts of help!-notes hit me in 2 minutes. Something feels wrong with the sun, it’s too hot. Not like ‘summer-in-the-park’ hot, more like ‘the-whole-world-is-one-big-dry-desert’ hot. I need to fix my solar panels and glide on out of here, before the sun swallows us all…skipping breakfast yet again…”

Doing this short writing exercise really helped me to change my state of thought for the day ahead, but there is also another valuable technique that can change the meaning of your day – it’s called ‘Reframing’.

Reframe Your Thoughts

In short, Reframing is an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technique that helps to change the way we react to certain things or in certain situations, especially if they evoke negative emotions. The way it works is that you step back from the situation and flip it to something positive from a different viewpoint.

For example, if you feel that something is a problem, then look at it from another angle…such as it being an opportunity for you to learn something instead. There is a reframe lens for almost every situation – read more about it here.

New-View, our reframing expert, has some goggle-infusing words of wisdom:

“Sometimes you have to change the scenery inside of your mind and look at things from another perspective to make the puzzle pieces fit”

If you feel like your puzzle pieces are hiding under the sofa, causing endless problems with furniture shuffling…then reframe it…how about viewing it as an opportunity to build a den.

Reframing one opportunity at a time!

Zellie xxx

Ps. More to come on Team Galaxy soon!

Potential reframing gear:

(artwork by Liesel Beukes a.k.a. Princess Lie-Lie )