Bhoomie Samson's Safari Cake for One

Samson’s Secret Recipe


1  Teaspoon of Lion pride
2  Pages of Poetry (self-written is best)
½ Teaspoon of Kalahari dust
5cm Zebra stripe (black or white)
120g Bhoomie sparkle
and 1 almighty roar!


Carefully transfer the Bhoomie sparkle into a large bowl. Make sure you don’t spill any or your kitchen will start dancing (unless you'd
like that!).

Make a little hollow in the middle of the sparkle. Scrunch up the pages of poetry and tie them with the Zebra stripe. Place the tied poetry into the hollow.

Gently sprinkle the Kalahari dust and then the Lion pride over the top of the sparkle and poetry. Stand back and give your most almighty roar, then be very quiet.

You’ll hear some crackling sounds – this is normal as the pride mixes with the sparkle. If the crackle turns to soft sponge then you’re on to
a winner and you can call Miss Tea-Time to bring over her best brew. But, if you hear something that sounds more like a boom, then it means you didn’t sprinkle gently enough. And that, unfortunately, there will be…Safari cake for none.