Friends-4-Ever Bhoomie Lily

Just a friend away

Friends-4-ever Bhoomie has been searching for enlightenment for many years. One day, as she was talking to a friend a light went up for her and she realised that what she's been searching for all this time, is right in front of her nose. That ENLIGHTENMENT is, in fact, just a friend away. How often do we go to the outskirts of the earth to find a solution that we already have? Tell your friend today that she/he is your light in the middle of the night!

Bhoomie Idea for You
Enlightenment is just a friend away.

Bhoomie Secret Share
The Bhoomies add a little joy to their bowling balls (this makes for some exciting matches against the Joy-breakers).

Green tip
Wrap gifts in brown or recycled paper and use string or raffia (made from bark which regenerates).

Bhoomie Book Club
‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ by Dr. Seuss

 Sing-along Soul Song
‘Friends will be friends’ by Queen