River & Mermaid

River and Mermaid

Two Bhoomie paths crossed where the river meets the sea, brightening their worlds that little bit more. Now River has more shimmer and Mermaid swims with a merry spring in her tail. This Bhoomie two-getherness is formed by the bursting-butterfly love of River and Mermaid Bhoomie. Their special gift is natural don’t-take-for-granted strength, formed through their wonder of the nature that surrounds them. They didn’t get this gift and strength by being together, though, they already had their own sturdy connections with nature when they met. This is why they chose to be together, not because they needed each other, but because they wanted to be together, to share their gifts with each other. Like the natural gift of unstoppable laughter, when it’s something only the two of them find funny. Or like the gift of warm snuggles, when it’s raining cat- and dogfish outside. Sharing these gifts does not make them the same Bhoomie, they will always remain individuals in their own, but they have become Two-getherness because of their mutual, don’t-take-each-other-for-granted love.

1+1 = Two-getherness

Bhoomie Question for You
In terms of love: how much is 1 + 1?

Bhoomie Secret Share
We are all best friends in Bhoomieland (this can make best-friend-secret keeping a bit tricky).

Green tip
Join a local team to clean up your riverbanks and beaches,         together we can make our world shimmer too.  

Bhoomie Book Club
‘Phileas’s Fortune’ by Agnès de Lestrade + Valeria Docampo

 Sing-along Soul Song
‘Just The Two Of Us’ by Bill Withers