Step Out And Get Soaked

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to let go of the strong emotions that can keep us from moving forward in our lives. For me feelings like guilt and worry carry quite a bit of weight, so heavy I can’t simply just jiggle my shoulders and let them fall to the ground – I need something with a bit more natural oomph and that’s where ‘Letting-Go-Rain’ comes in.

Rain’s Emotions

Just like we go through waves of different emotions, so does the rain. Some days its softness gently nurtures the earth whilst letting the beauty of small things go about their day – like ladybugs and bees. Some nights it excitedly joins Thunder and Lighting for the party of a lifetime, and occasionally it just feels an immense sense of relief. It’s this relief that helps Rain to let go of as much water as possible, soaking all that released energy into the ground – this is what I call Letting-Go-Rain.

Don’t Run for Shelter

Imagine you’ve had a really tough day (sure this is pretty easy for most of us) and all the negative emotions of frustration, disappointment and worry are heavy sand-bricks on your shoulders. Then comes the rain…

Our first instinct is to run for shelter or to pull out your umbrella – this is a way for us to avoid the rain, and in effect the emotions that we have to go through to let go. But RAIN DEMANDS PRESENCE and so does letting go. That means, we have to stand in the rain and get wet to let go of something, we can’t shelter from it, because if we do the feelings holding us back will remain on our shoulders.

The realisation that we are getting drenched may feel heavier at first as the sand turns to mud. But once we admit that it’s time to let go, the mud will start to dissolve away (acceptance) and with it all the destructive feelings will be drained to the floor (healing).

Let Go So You Can Heal and Grow

When the mud is washed to the ground it allows for a new beginning. Together with Rain’s nourishment, the soil will sprout new life. Fresh hope will grow around you and the lighter space on your shoulders can now be filled with new emotions. Joy, Gratitude, Love, Wonder as you stand there smelling life, listening to Rain’s patter and feeling its miracle.

So as an exercise this week, let’s try to let go of muddy emotions that have been weighing us down so we can make space to enjoy the brighter ones.

And as a new version, let’s sing:

Oh the worry weighing down is frightful, but the rain can be so delightful, if you want that weight drained away, let it rain let it rain let it rain.

Wishing you lots of Letting-go-Rain!

Zellie xxx