On this very cold snowy first day of Spring in Munich, I would like to inspire you to bloom despite your environment.

Meet Sunshine Bhoomie, Daisy.

Sunshine Bhoomie Daisy

Daisy asked me to tell you to not worry about the snow in Spring because she was born in the time of the Big Snow and she bloomed anyway. Spring will come, all you need to do is believe.

Here is the story around Daisy’s birth.

On a very cold winter’s eve, not too long before Christmas, I walked with my 8-year-old friend Isabel, advisor to the Bhoomies, in the snow. We got talking a bit and Belle said: I’ve been thinking about the Bhoomies and I think we need a Bhoomie called Daisy. Her special gift ~ Sunshine. And that, dear friends, is how Daisy came into being.

Not long after that Belle and I worked on Daisy together at the Bhoomie Wonderland and we can share her with you today.

Happy Spring-Day!

Special instructions for you: Don’t worry too much about the missing sunshine. Bhoomie Daisy will be shining some sunshine your way while you keep believing in the promise of Spring. Meanwhile: Bloom from within!

Sunshine kisses!

Princesses Belle and Lie-Lie xx

PS. We decided that Sunshine Bhoomie will contribute her sunshine to a good cause. The profits of every Sunshine-Sale will go to a chosen children’s charity that we will be sharing with you soon.