Hello friend of the Bhoomies!

I have a surprise for you today. Remember my promise here that I will be sharing the Bhoomies’ number one secret way-finder today? Well, here it is. There is a new Bhoomie in Bhoomieland and her name: Bhoomie-All Ears.

Bhoomie All-Ears has taken a gift that we all carry inside us and that some of us forgot that we even have, to a whole new level. The surprise? Bhoomie All-Ears is in the studio with me today and agreed to give an interview about her special gift: Intuition!

Bhoomie All-Ears | Bhoomieland's very own Wayfinder © Liesel Beukes 2013
Bhoomie All-Ears | Bhoomieland’s very own Wayfinder © Liesel Beukes 2013

Welcome Bhoomie All-Ears. It is lovely to have you here today.

Thank you for inviting me!

Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Hi Everybody, I am a part of the Bhoomie-tribe [laughs] as you know. I love playing outside, especially near water which makes me feel calm between the beautiful Water-lilies and I just love frogs – they are just SO cute and funny when they hop and sing and hop and sing!

Would you mind to share a little bit about your special gift with us?

The gift that was bestowed upon me is intuition. I don’t make any decisions without listening to my inner guide. From a very young age I had different things happening to me.  I heard sweet music most of the time, I knew how to do things that I haven’t yet learned and my ears grew – which as you probably know is not a typical Bhoomie-thing [laughs].

How do you know what your inner guide says?

I hear music. When something would be a mistake or let’s rather say the wrong thing for me or my tribe – the music in my ear is pretty awful. Almost like pots and pans banging together in a non-rhythmic way and feet stamping on the floor – it makes me feel very uneasy. On the other hand, when something would be right or intended for me or anybody else, I hear the most beautiful music – like a choir or sometimes a jazz-band and sometimes even the amazing Regina Spektor! When I hear this I just know it’s the way to go.

When did you first realise what your gift was?

The music was always with me, but maybe I didn’t always pay full attention to its special meaning for me. What was obvious to me and to everybody else, though, was that my ears kept growing and growing! After they reached a certain size, I could actually roll them inwards and when I did this, the music was much clearer and louder to me. With the music being so much more present, alerting me to something that I didn’t already realise, it didn’t take me long to figure out my special gift! I started following this inner guidance and my life began to feel more rounded and true. Don’t think I always followed it though, because I didn’t always know how to. From the time I started to listen to my inner music (and began to celebrate this wonderful gift), my ears stopped growing.

Did you not feel a little out of place when you realised that your ears looked different than the rest of your tribe’s?

Not at all. I knew I looked different, but the size of my ears symbolises my journey towards realizing my gift – I celebrate them! The Bhoomie-tribe always respects the journey as the most important part to reaching a destination.

How can the readers identify their own intuition?

This is a little bit complicated, because intuition reveals itself uniquely to every person that looks out for it. If you would ask a flower how it knows to bloom, it will tell you it just knows. This is an answer that I’ve heard many times before! I heard someone identify it once as a little traffic light on the inside. Red means “Don’t do it” of course, yellow – “Be Careful” and green: “Absolutely YES!” A good friend of mine said she sees signs around her and just knows to follow them. Another very good friend says she feels herself being drawn in a direction – almost like a magnet. When she’s going the wrong way there is no joy and she’s not eager to go. Then I’ve also heard it being described as a light bulb going on, a gut-feeling and many more descriptions. If you’ve already figured it out, you’re welcome to share how you know in the comments below.

Is there a first step that the readers can take towards living intuitively?

To me the first step, and this I learned from my mum, is to become real calm first. It’s impossible to connect to my intuition if there is too much noise in my head. If you listen closely, you will realise that you had the answers all along. All you need to do then is to start trusting. 

Is there anything else that you would like to add to what you’ve already shared with the readers?

Yes, there is a very wise man that said: “This word ‘intuition’ is beautiful. You know the other word, ‘tuition’; tuition means somebody else is giving it to you. Intuition means nobody is giving it to you; it is growing within yourself.” ~ OSHO

Thank you very much for taking  the time to share this with us today.

So dear friend, I hope you enjoyed today’s interview with Bhoomie All-Ears. If you decide that you would like to change direction as in the post here and you’ve learned how to use your intuition from Bhoomie All-Ears – be sure to tune into our next post to learn about an extra special tool to pack into your back-pack for your new-found journey.

Meanwhile – live in the Light.

Lie-Lie and the Bhoomies