When I walk on the beach, my feet make footprints that usually stay in the sand for only a few moments before the waves arrive to sweep them away. As they disappear, I’m reminded that I only have a temporary guest pass to enjoy this beautiful planet.

Becoming Aware

My pass is a reminder that just like the way my feet leave footprints, my daily actions also leave marks, carbon footprints. Every time I drink something warm that needs electricity or fire to heat it, every time I get somewhere without walking, by using a bus, train or a car, and every time I switch on a light. These elements are part of my daily routine and they leave dirty little prints that I can easily forget about, because I can’t see them. But this year I’ve decided to become more aware of my carbon impact as I’ve realised that it would only be polite to clean up after myself. I mean, I would happily clean up my mess at someone else’s house, so why not do the same in my beautiful home – Earth?

This question has made me think about the best ways to make changes in my life that would start the cleaning process. One way would be to support companies that specialise in cleaning carbon footprints or another would be to become more aware of what I’m doing to create these footprints, by reconnecting myself with nature. It’s easy for me to forget about the impact even typing this post makes, so to help me I can choose to be more conscious about actions like this.

Reconnecting with Nature

Every part of my body (and yours) is made from the same stuff as our Earth. The air, water and minerals that feed our planet are all feeding our bodies too. Sometimes I forget the beautiful magic of nature, like the fact that it creates lightning in the clouds that erupt from a volcano or that it freezes giant air bubbles in icy lakes.

Mermaid Bhoomie is my reminder of the beautiful magic of nature. Her starfish heart is connected to the earth’s energy and it glows brightly even in colder and darker waters. We are all connected through this same energy, and this link means that I have to take care of you (and you of me), because we are all a part of each other.

Start Here:mermaid-in-the-water-2

Let’s draw ourselves a starfish heart today. Cut it out and pin it on our chests, near to our hearts. Every time we hear the fridge or watch the television, we can then think of ways to counteract our carbon footprints, by taking care of something or someone else around us. This will help us to wire back into the energy that connects everything together and makes us the nature of our Earth.

Reconnect and become an Eco-Warrior for Nature! Meet you there!