Have you ever wondered where us Bhoomies come from? Well, the easiest way to describe it is that we sprout out of moments. Like the moments when you feel excited about something or when you have a question. Bhoomies also appear when you need something like courage or support or to let go of something. One of our favourites is when creative souls find themselves in awkward conversations (like how share prices are calculated or hours of mobile-phone-contracts-comparisons) that creates optimal opportunities to zone out. 🙂

That’s when a Bhoomie heart can start to sprout inside yours and a door is opened between our worlds.

Remember Bhoomie sprouting can’t be forced – they will come to you. You could, however, create an optimal Bhoomie sprouting environment.

Top Tips for Bhoomie sprouting

  1.  Chaos definitely supports Bhoomie sprouting, because it allows for more spaces, shadows, and textures – perfect Bhoomie camouflage.
  2. Try to sit somewhere you haven’t sat before, even if it’s not necessary, it might give you a fresh perspective.
  3. Place yourself in such a position that when you drift off, your staring gaze might fall on, for instance, the grain in the carpet or wood or tiles, the patterns of shadows, the colour of shadows, the veins of leather things, the folds through blankets and socks. Who knows, maybe there’s a Bhoomie just ready to sprout into the world of the humans!
  4. Try to not build up expectation. See if you can manage to relax and do something different – Bhoomies pop up when you least expect them.
  5. Open yourself to wonder. A direct route to wonder is by saying thank you.
  6. Read an uninteresting book (will induce drifting).
  7. Keep yourself busy with something fun – sometimes Bhoomies appear when they want to be part of the fun.

When you see your first Bhoomie sprout from the folds or shadows or grains don’t forget to smile and say hello, sometimes they can be in a real hurry to get out and grow.

Solar Love xxx

A simple exercise to give you an idea of what it could be like when a Bhoomie appears (how many Bhoomies do you see?)