Bhoomie of Harmony.

It is no coincidence that she looks like Bea, Viola is Bea's older sister. She harvests lots of guidance from nature that settles softly as spirit-flowers in her hair and charm-leaves in her wings. Her special gift is a magical Harmony System where she can combine her inner strength with nature and bring harmony to all sorts of corners in the world. The system is activated through the Key of Wonder around her neck that represents a special balance between the moon and the sun. When she turns the key in Nature’s lock, Nature’s wisdom and balance of light are released to blend with her inner strength and create a magical flow of harmony.

Bhoomie Question for You
What is your definition of harmony?

Bhoomie Secret Share
New-View Bhoomie can actually see without her goggles (things just look a little retro).

Green tip
Yoga and meditation can tune your well-being to the same notes as hummed by nature.    

Bhoomie Book Club
‘Noonie’s Masterpiece’ by Lisa Railsback

 Sing-along Soul Song
‘The Redwood Song’ by Jukebox Gypsy