Oh, the starfish...

Terra Luna Bhoomie thinks the way night connects to day and how earth connects to sky rocks! She finds inspiration in the multitude of combo-gifts from the universe. Like the Strelitzia with its starry wings! Fireflies! Starfish! Oh, the starfish...

Terra Luna Starfish

Bhoomie Flower
The Strelitzia which is also called Bird of Paradise represents magnificence.

Bhoomie Secret Share
Bhoomies are all about connections. Not business-like but rather with animals, each other, nature or their multiple inner selves.

Green tip
Plant with the cycles of the moon. Root vegetables and bulbs when the moon wanes and above ground growers when the moon waxes.

Bhoomie Book Club
‘The Language of Flowers’ by Mandy Kirkby

 Sing-along Soul Song
‘Moonbeam Woman’ by Freakpower