Joy Bhoomie

Bhoomie and the Butterfly

Bhoomie Joy is filled with so much happiness that she finds it hard to sit still. Instead, she wants to gather all happy things ever thought, bundle them together, and bowl them back out to the world. In a moment of great delight, a beautiful butterfly comes and sits on Joy Bhoomie's head! So the Bhoomie and the Butterfly share the ultimate level of happiness - the Joy of the Moment. So let us too, break free from our cocoons and spread our wings of joy!

Bhoomie Question for You
How can you bowl a little happiness into someone else's life?

Bhoomie Secret Share
The Bhoomies add a little joy to their bowling balls (this makes for some exciting matches against the Joy-breakers).

Green tip
Volunteering at places of shelter not only changes life for the animals or people you help, but it also gives bags of happiness in return.

Bhoomie Book Club
‘The Principles of Uncertainty’ by Maira Kalman

 Sing-along Soul Song
‘5 Years Time’ by Noah And The Whale