Love Bhoomie © Liesel Beukes 2011
Love Bhoomie © Liesel Beukes 2011


I love you because of who I become when I’m with you

LOVE Bhoomie gets in touch with a tree and through that exchanges his energy with the tree, gaining properties in the process that are invaluable to relationships such as patience, growth and unconditional love. The tree loves the earth and the elements and they love the tree in return - the nourishment and growth the tree gets from them. The Bhoomie gains insight into the complex workings of unconditional love. What an honour to find peace in saying "I love you because of who I become when I'm with you".

Bhoomie Question for You
Do you love wholeheartedly or hole-heartedly?

Bhoomie Secret Share
The birds in Bhoomieland are possibilitarians (that means that anything can happen when they chirp!).

Green tip
Love the earth wholeheartedly this festive season and upcycle or make your decorations rather than buying new.

Bhoomie Book Club
‘Missed Connections’ by Sophie Blackall

Sing-along Soul Mini-Mixed-Tape
‘I will’ by The Beatles + ‘I will’ by RadioheadBhoomie Joy