You Are Nature

Did you notice how earth and heart are exactly the same except for the position of the H? All Bhoomies are in love with the earth and all its beings but eart-H-eart does this in a special way. He can’t be close enough to nature and tries hard to be one with it - just like the H in his name melds eart(H) and (H)eart together into ONE. He is kind of like a nature fundamentalist. Every time that we human beings take small steps to save our environment he triples around the nearest Mulberry bush in happiness until his feather lies horizontally, because every little bit counts! And when all the little bits are added up they become a huge contribution in the end - possibly even a two-hundred-year-old tree! So if you are already doing your bit - EartHeart says THANK YOU!

Bhoomie Centering Thought
Ubuntu. I am because you are.

Bhoomie Secret Share
The birds in Bhoomieland are possibilitarians (that means that anything can happen when they chirp!).

Green tip
Become an eco-warrior! Pick one small habit that you can adopt to live a bit greener and impact your corner of the planet positively.

Bhoomie Book Club
‘World as Lover, World as Self’ by Joanna Macy

Sing-along Soul Mini-Mixed-Tape
‘All the World is Green’ by Tom Waits