In the dictionary the word ‘nurturing’ means to care for and encourage the growth and development of something or someone. It’s a beautiful word isn’t it? When I say it, images of caring for a small child or vulnerable sapling come to mind, but how often do we actually care for and encourage growth and development of our inner child?

Nudging that inner child

The Bhoomies have taught us that playing, laughing and fun is an important part of taking care of ourselves and others. Recently we shared a post with you about nudging your inner child to come out and play – did you manage to find your own creative ways of doing this? Perhaps you decided to have a messy paint day to the rhythm of “Fire of Freedom” by Matisyahu on full blast, or got your old bike out of the shed on a sunny day and rode it into the sky with your hands off the handlebars.

Whatever you managed might have felt silly at first, but that’s only because in adulthood we are herded by society to act in a certain way. Or maybe you felt instantly better, letting go of all the constraints of your daily life. Either way, by giving yourself this time to be free in your expression, you would have encouraged stronger growth of your inner sapling and next time it will be easier!

Find something that works for you today

If playing with messy paints or clay are not things you enjoy, then don’t be discouraged! Just by reading this you are making a statement to yourself, that you care about what’s happening inside you and that you want to nurture your inner happiness. Why not try something like Yoga or Meditation, giving yourself this peaceful breathing time and space will definitely help any sapling to grow into a mighty Oak tree. If in doubt, why not set up a meeting with Peace Bhoomie to remind you how precious your energy is.

For the inner artist: Remember even if the idea seems strange at first, ideas too are like tiny babies that we need to nurture through the time when they’re most vulnerable – just after they’re born. They need water, love, protection, food and encouragement to grow into idea trees. If we give them plenty of our time, patience and positive energy they will grow into incredibly strong, unique, larger-than-life characters (just like you) that will pick you up and carry you into undiscovered worlds. And you will never be the same again.

Don’t push back that need inside to be free and happy, start nurturing your fun ideas today by spending time with your most rewarding best friend inside you.

My inner child wishes your inner child a colour-filled-messy or calm-yoga-breathing day!


Idea babies are to be nurtured. You are the mama:)
Idea babies are to be nurtured. You are the mama:)