I am quick to make up excuses of why I can’t do something when I’m scared of failure, that’s why it was so good to take away the power of the word “realistic” recently. When an idea seed is planted, there is a really good chance that it will grow into something useful and beautiful, you just need to plant that initial seed.

First Seed

When a friend of mine asked me to join her on a run, I laughed out loud and happily brushed her idea off as silly. I had never run for pleasure before and I felt an instant fear of failure, making excuses more for myself than for her. You know the ones…I don’t think I’ll have the time or I’m not really a sporty person and for a few days after her suggestion I kept repeating these excuses, but something about them felt wrong. The excuses made me feel weak and tired and so I followed in the flight path of New View Bhoomie and began to think of all the good things I had heard and read about running. When you step back and (in the words of New View) ‘change the scenery inside of your mind and look at things from another perspective’ you will definitely get a better view.

And at that point, when I breathed in the scenery of this new-found sight, something changed in me.

A stronger sense tiptoed into my thoughts and took the hand of doubt, dancing backwards and forwards until I could hear the new sense asking me questions, drowning out the voice of doubt:

What if I could make it down to the end of the road without stopping?

What if I tried it once and surprised myself?

What if I got up tomorrow morning and tried it?

So I did. I simply got up one morning and instead of thinking that it was silly, I thought I’d go out and try it. Even if I only made it to the first lamppost, it would still be better than not trying. It was an incredible sense of achievement when I passed that first lamppost and moved on to the next one.


Little seeds turn into keys that open doors to all kinds of new views and possibilities
Little seeds turn into keys that open doors to all kinds of new views and possibilities

Small changes can be so simple to make and some may even surprise you and happen naturally, because your body and soul has not been built to listen to excuses and fear, it was built to dream, nurture and live.

Let a change happen for you today!


PS. The first change was only the beginning of my journey towards a new path, stay close to Bhoomieland and find out how this small sparkle turned into something I never thought I would ever do…