To the Moon

Some days we may wake up beneath a few cobwebs, their strands wrapped tightly around our inspiration and dreams. It’s on days like these that we need to take a deep breath and dust them off, clearing the foggy strings from our eyes so that our inner child can focus instead on the sparkling twinkles they become in the sunshine.

We need to turn the foggy into fun, dream a few dreams and be silly come on, let’s go out and play!

Are you ready? Ok! Let’s lift our arms like butterfly wings, stretching them out as far as our fingertips can reach, until we touch the lines where the buildings meet the sky. Swish! Swoosh! This way and that way, fluttering up and down, look our feet is off the ground, we’re flying!

Isn’t the sky wonderful and blue? And don’t you think the sun looks like a ripe orange too? I wonder if it tastes like one…

Let’s swoop back down to the ground, until the grass tickles our chins, flatten our bodies like flying squirrels. Swoosh! Swish! Can you hear the grass giggling underneath? Hee hee hee, hoo hoo hoo, ha ha ha! Look out grass – we’re coming in for landing!

Doesn’t the grass smell beautiful and warm from the sun? I wonder if the ants can smell it too?

Now, how about changing from a butterfly to a bunny…one hop, two hop, three hop, four…look! We’re skipping! Where would you like to skip to…how about Bhoomieland? We can hop and wave hello to Joy Bhoomie and tell her all about our change from butterflies to bunnies. She understands what it feels like to change and to enjoy the journey of it. Then we can take a break and join the tea-party with Miss Tea-Time.

When we’#ve finished our colourful cakes, we can share our imagination and playful dreams, and turn them into a mish-mash of bright colours on big, white sheets of paper. I can already feel my green, red, orange and blue waving hands sticking against the sheet, turning it into a rainbow of hello’s. We can send them all out to the corners of the world and share a bit of colour.

I hope our play today has shared with you that dreaming and pretend can change any lack-of-inspiration mountain into a fun and motivating journey. Never stop dreaming and always believe that no matter what your age, laughter and play makes the creativity stay!

Have a playful day!