About a year or so ago, a little creature that I first tried to call “Earthie”, stumbled onto my drawing page. In my quick sketch he looked like this:

Love-Bhoomie Sketch


I immediately knew he was special so I started to make a proper painting of him. It was a bit hard to get him to sit still and we had to take a LOT of breaks in-between, but in real life, he kinda looks like this:

Love Bhoomie © Liesel Beukes 2011
Love Bhoomie © Liesel Beukes 2011

The interesting thing was that he was filled to the brim with LOVE. Sitting on my shoulder, every time we passed a tree, his hair twirled around the nearest branch and as if by magic, the tree struck a LOVE-pose!

I only learned later that I wasn’t far off with the name “Earthie”. As it turns out he is from a tribe called “Bhoomies” whose name comes from the Sanskrit word “Bhoomi” that translates to “earth”. I instinctively knew that I am at the beginning of a big adventure. I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and I had to step on my own big toe to make sure it is real!

When my painting was finished, I named him the Love-Bhoomie. Maybe one day, when I can fully speak “Bhoomie” – he will tell me his real name.

It wasn’t long until the next Bhoomie made his appearance and may I say, in a very unconventional way. But, that’s a story for another day.

With Bhoomie-love

Princess Lie-Lie



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