Once there lived a beautiful dragonfly with painted wings of violet and ochre, a flying work of art. For the dragonfly, flying was the most joyful thing. Hovering through the air, free to explore all the breezes in the sky, the dragonfly thought that nothing else could ever make his heart feel as happy.

One day, with an extra flutter in his wings, the dragonfly left a branch of the old tree for an afternoon of exploring. He flew through the forest, dancing with leaves on the rhythmic breeze, the sun glistening golden on his wings. He was so happy in his heart, a joy so pure that it filled him with excitement from tip to tail. He flew faster and faster, darting through shadows and bursting through sun-veils when suddenly the world above him became very dark.

The dragonfly looked up to see the huge wingspan of an owl. The size of it was so majestic that he didn’t realise he was heading straight for a tree – until it was too late. The hard knock spiralled his little body to the floor, he tried to flutter his wings, but it didn’t want to work! Down and down he fell until he plopped onto a tuft of grass at the foot of the tree. He tried to open his eyes, but the world was still spinning. He tried to move his wings, but they just feebly buzzed at his sides. He could feel that there was a tear in his wing. That’s it, he thought, I will never be able to fly again, and with a flick of her fingers Misery appeared, grabbed the dragonfly’s joy and ran into the woods.

It was late afternoon when the dragonfly tried to open his eyes again. He felt incredibly empty and sad as he kept replaying the owl and fall over and over in his memory, reliving the fear, pain and disappointment every time. It was getting colder, but the dragonfly didn’t move, he even stopped trying to buzz his wings. Not only had he lost his joy, but he had given up hope. As the darkness came creeping through the forest, there was a sudden rustle of leaves behind the tree. The dragonfly, frozen with cold and sadness, still didn’t move. He would let whatever came next happen to him without a fight.

Just as he was ready for the rustle to eat him, he heard a soft feathery hoot and a furry whisper. The dragonfly managed to open his eyes just a slither so that he could see what was there. His little heart tried to flee his body as he realised it was the huge owl that had caused his fall! But the owl hooted softly and shuffled forward in a kind way. Next to the owl was a fox, but rather than sniff at the dragonfly-like food, he gently scooped him up with the soft part of his paw.

Fox and Owl
Fox and Owl

The owl opened his wing like a soft, feathery bed and the dragonfly was placed onto it gently. The fox reached into his fur and pulled out a tiny patch of green. Softly he fitted it over the tear in the dragonfly’s wing – it was a perfect match. Together the fox and owl started calling into the woods until Misery appeared sheepishly. She was holding something behind her back and with a stern hoot from Owl, she quickly handed the bundle of joy back to the dragonfly.

naaldekokerThe fox and owl stepped back as joy started to fill the little dragonfly. His beautiful colours became a brightness in the dark and with a strong flutter of his wings and a look of pure happiness, he kicked off from the ground and disappeared into the forest. From that day forward the dragonfly was filled with joy in all situations because he knew that whatever happens, hope and kindness will always bring you joy, no matter who or what tries to take it from you.

Wishing you a joyful and healing life Bhoomie friends!

Joy xxx