When I had a cup of coffee recently at a very nice café nearby and I noticed the owners scurrying about to make it all run smoothly – I realised that I was in fact having my cup of coffee inside of someone else’s dream. The owners dreamt up the coffee shop, had sleepless nights over it, loved the dream enough to nurture it into being. How cool is that to sit inside someone else’s dream?

Do you dream? Have a little think about a dream that you had that did or didn’t work out.

Example of a dream:


You dream about flying a kite.



You start to draw it out. You paint it.You cut-out your paper kite. You make the cross-structure with lightweight sticks. You’re so excited. You don’t sleep. You tell your friend with big eyes and your heart wants to jump out of your throat. You make the coolest tail ever for your kite. You don’t eat. It’s almost ready. Just the string now. It feels almost a little bit like Christmas. The minutes tick by slower than ever. It’s Saturday! Wait for the wind…Fly! FLY!



Did it fly?
                            Was it fun?
Was it everything you dreamt it would be?

Some people let themselves dream many many dreams.

Some kites fly. Some kites don’t.

BUT. When these people look back later, they had days, months, years filled with the joy, the passion, the belief that it is possible – all the wonderous feelings that go with the anticipation of any dream. This anticipation is the spaces between you photographs.

These spaces between photographs fill up most of your life. What a grand life if your spaces turn out to be pockets of super-fabulous time spent “working” on dreams. Constantly living inside the possibility of dreams coming true.

Have a look! How many “dreams-come-true” are surrounding you?

Allow yourself time to just dream a little this week. Maybe begin with the end. What kind of a life would you like to look back over?