About three weeks ago a little brown bird hopped onto my balcony. I said: “Hello cute little bird” in my best bird-speak and I am convinced she answered back. Sounds crazy? Read on…

A little bit of history

Hubby and I are terrible at gardening. Our balcony plants never last the summer and then we sit with through-the-roof levels of guilt. We lost two beautiful palms last year, so we’ve decided to no longer risk the lives of plants. We will from now on leave it to mama nature. She is excellent at it.


On our now chaotic-by-choice balcony garden, I got a wonderful surprise.

Little bird-friend picked one of our pots to make her nest in. Wow!! How exciting is that? In my silly human-ness, I (of course) interpreted it as a sign of forgiveness for my past inexperience.

Birdy's nest
Birdy’s nest


My instinctual reaction to this was to protect her. I gave her the balcony for as long as she needed it. I turned down the iPod so that it wouldn’t be too loud and disturb her. I don’t open the kitchen door when she is there. I don’t care anymore that my balcony looks the worst of them all – because our balcony and we are needed in a different way. She is there and I want her to be safe. And rather selfishly I don’t want her to go because it is wonderful to be let in by her.


Connected to nature on a heart-level
Connected to nature on a heart-level

Breakthrough idea?

It became so clear that once I connected to the birdie on a heart-level, I would give everything to keep her safe. If we connected to mama earth on a heart level, she will be looked after and protected.

Map to one-ness with nature? Rediscover. Connect. Protect.

As we Connect and Protect instinctively, we are left with one step: We just need to Re-see the Wonder.

Learning every day. As Friends-4-ever Bhoomie says – enlightenment truly is just a friend away.

Lie-Lie xx

PS. I would love to hear your connect-with-nature-stories (in the comments below or e-mail me). Inspire me! Inspire you!