Ubuntu is a beautiful word from South Africa. It’s used to give voice to a bond that we share with each other, a connection between all humanity. Literally it means “Human Kindness”, but each family in Africa has their own interpretation of the word.

One that has had the biggest impact on my heart is – “I am because of you”, meaning that we all live because of each other and not just in the sense of mother’s and father’s bringing us into this world, but also that we are a reflection of each other’s kindness.

Although the word points to humanity, I believe with Boyd Varty, that this connection is found and shared in nature as well. Listen to his talk on the word ‘Ubuntu’ and the amazing kindness he was blessed to witness within a herd of elephants.

This has been a moving reminder for me that I am connected to you and everything else around me.

Lots of Ubuntu love to all our Bhoomie friends!

Zellie xxx