Mum and Thuli

bhoomBies = baby Bhoomies

Thuli is the first BhoomBie. Baby-Bhoomies are called BhoomBies and their outlook on life are very much respected by the Bhoomies. Looking at the world through the eyes of a child is a sure recipe to re-connect with wonder. Bhoomie-mum, Maia, uses her wings as a love-wrap to keep her little BhoomBie all cuddled up and safe.

Bhoomie Question for You
What would happen if you nurtured yourself, your ideas and your dreams like you would tiny babies?

Bhoomie Secret Share
The Bhoomies add a little joy to their bowling balls (this makes for some exciting matches against the Joy-breakers).

Green tip
Why not plant something? A butterfly garden perhaps?

Bhoomie Book Club
‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron

 Sing-along Soul Song
‘Baby Don't You Cry’ (The Pie Song) by Quincy Coleman & Andrew Hollander