Bhoomie Star
Bhoomie Star


Superhero in the house

Her personal superpowers are many. She is brave, daring, cute, brilliant, friendly, nature-loving, smart, joyous, helpful, spontaneous and check-out her all earthy shoes...
She is not too shy to bridge the gap between us and the Bhoomies, between citizens and flower-children, between gray and multi-coloured.
Her main powers, though, is to guard us, the children of the earth, against losing our belief in possibility!

Star together with Valores Moon and Solar Love make up Team Galaxy. Their first quest was ballerina mice with dancing tentacles... Star’s special power is to help us, humans, to be brave enough to believe in possibility. Now that requires a lot of trust, just like being part of a team does.

Bhoomie Question for You
Who would you trust to be your wingmen/women to stand up against ballerina mice?

Bhoomie Secret Share
Bhoomieland can only be entered through a sparkle in someone's eye (we call these sparkles "eye galaxies").

Green tip
Get your own pair of eco-friendly shoes (like Star's). Not only will they bring your feet joy, but they'll bring a smile to the planet too.

Bhoomie Book Club
‘The Secret Lives of Princesses’ by Philippe Lechermeier

Sing-along Soul Song
‘I'm so excited’ by The Pointer Sisters (The song that Bhoomie Star hums to trigger her eco-warrior oomph whilst swooshing by fearlessly.)