The three sleepyhead sisters responsible for helping the bees

The three sleepyhead sisters responsible for helping the bees

Shhh...don't wake the Bhoomies! Here is a secret: Bhoomies grow on the inside. As we all know there is nothing more important for inner- growth than a healthy amount of sleep. So, as our SLEEPING Bhoomies snooze in their cozy little flower blossom beds, snug as a bhoombug, they start to grow and by morning, they've grown almost an INCH on the inside! As soon as the sun shows its friendly face, the flowers tenderly plop the Bhoomies out onto the ground. To wake up they'll shake the pollen off their feet to help those bees to make this lovely world we live in an even nicer place! Good night!

Bhoomie Question for You
Are you getting enough snooze time?

Bhoomie Secret Share
Valores Moon dreams to see Sleeping Bhoomies plop from their flowers (this can only come true in the next Bhoomie eclipse).

Green tip
Plant some honeysuckle and lavender in your garden, not only will it smell nice, but also make a little a haven for bees.

Bhoomie Book Club
‘Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!’ by Dr. Seuss

 Sing-along Soul Song
‘We Are The Sleepyheads’ by Belle & SebastianCourage Bhoomie Grit