Bhoomie of Balance | Samson

i am both

Hello. I am Samson. My special gift is Balance. It came about the hard way. I used to try to impress everyone with my strength when all I wanted to do really was poetry. I then went to see the Fish of Far-Sightedness (my friends at the time would've taken me out if they knew I believed in things like that!). The wisdom that came to me by looking through his magic monocle was uncanny. First, it said "Balance". Then it said: " Tea" and all I could think was - "Tea rhymes with me". I told Miss Tea-Time and she decided it will be her new motto. The third clear sign to me was: " Doorway" and the fourth one "Phoenix". Now, if that doesn't shout out "Balance is Showing my Strength through Poetry" - then what would!? So here I am, dependable as a rock and sensitive as a flower. I found my balance. I sometimes even get called names like "Flower" and "Balance-Boy" - that doesn't bother me, in fact - I love it.

Bhoomie Question for You
Are you a ROCK or are you a Flower?

Bhoomie Secret Share
Miss Tea-time sometimes stews a little grit tea in her pot (this makes for one noisy party).

Green tip
Adopt an endangered animal. “Adopting an endangered animal is one of the best ways to support it, and to protect the whole species.”- WWF

Bhoomie Book Club
‘Daring Greatly’ by Brené Brown

 Sing-along Soul Song
‘My Hero’ by Paramore