Moon Gardens
Moon Gardens


Crescent, Half and Full Moon Flowers

Bhoomies love the magic of the moon garden. Not only do they get to relax and swim in the moonlight, they sometimes even see unicorns attending to their own tiny rose gardens.

Bhoomie Flower of the Month
The purple rose stands for enchantment.

Wonder is...
“a warm feeling deep inside that takes your breath away when you stand in a field of flowers that wasn’t there yesterday.” ~ Sunshine Bhoomie Dais

Green tip
Do you name your flowers? It’s a good first step to take if you find it difficult to talk to your plants. England’s Prince Charles is convinced that his plants respond when he talks to them.

Bhoomie Book Club
David Whyte’s beautiful poem: ‘Everything is waiting for you’

Sing-along Soul Song
‘Moondance’ by Van Morrison