New-View Bhoomie
New-View Bhoomie


Bhoomie Aviatrix Flies Solo Over Cloud 9

NEW-VIEW Bhoomie has her head in the clouds. Did you know, that you can see so much more when you look at something from afar or from another angle? The nice thing about going up is that you are light as a feather, because you can only lift off when the heavy stuff stays on the ground. Sometimes you have to change the scenery inside of your mind and look at things from another perspective to make the puzzle pieces fit. So, up...up... you go!

PS. Congratulations to New-View Bhoomie for being awarded the Distinguished Flying Leaf for being the first Bhoomie aviatrix to fly solo over Cloud 9!

Bhoomie Question for You
Maybe you can try to look at things differently this month? Spread your wings and fly!

Bhoomie Secret Share
Miss Tea-time sometimes stews a little grit tea in her pot (this makes for one noisy party).

Green tip
Become a locavore by supporting your local farmer’s market for fresh fruits and veggies.

Bhoomie Book Club
‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

 Sing-along Soul Song
‘Imagine’ by Xavier RuddSoul Searching Bhoomie