Bird of Possibility
Bird of Possibility


Lemons to Fizzy Pink Lemonade

Bhoomies are by their very nature possibilitarians, so it comes as no surprise that the Bird of Possibility is one of their kin. He reminds us that each new day is an opportunity to turn the lemons that life hands us into fizzy pink lemonade. So, take a deep breath and soar into today which is filled to the brim with new adventures, opportunities, and the room to let your mind and heart expand. The possibilities are limited only to the wingspan of your imagination.

Bhoomie Question for You
What has life handed you that would make great pink lemonade?

Bhoomie Secret Share
The wind in Bhoomieland loves to dance through the leaves of trees (we call it "The Rustle”).

Green tip
Grow your own lemons indoors. Espalier lemon trees do well in homes and can fruit up to four times a year. 

Bhoomie Book Club
‘How to be an explorer of the world’ by Keri Smith

 Sing-along Soul Song
‘Anything Can Happen’ by Daniel Lemma