Bhoomie Berni

Bhoomie Berni

Bhoomie Berni is the Truth Teller of Bhoomieland. Although telling the truth has always come naturally to Berni, he’s managed to develop this skill into an exceptional gift thanks to the help of some equally extraordinary friends.

Moon, Crab, Water, and Owl have taught him the four main principles of truth:

Moon showed Berni that everything has a cycle, a beginning and an ending that will inevitably lead to another beginning.

Crab taught him that if you’re willing to sometimes walk sideways, you’ll realise there’s more than one way to reach your destination, and more importantly…your destiny.

Water taught him about change and how to flow into the cracks to understand them by taking on their shape. Sometimes a crack can be filled up over time by travelling various muddy paths and sometimes a crack can be a window, letting light through so you can move forward.

Owl showed Berni how to know which way to choose. This ‘knowing’ becomes the true wisdom that lights our inner fire of courage and guides us to tell the truth, even when it can be difficult to do so.

Sometimes we need just as much courage to hear the truth as speaking it, so when you find yourself in one of these truth-needed moments you can call on Bhoomie Bernie to guide your courage, just be brave enough to ask!