Bhoomie All-Ears

Bhoomieland's Wayfinder

Bhoomies are by their very nature intuitive. For Bhoomie All-Ears though, it was a little different and she had a very special encounter with her own intuition. To her it was almost never an option to not follow her intuition. At first she always heard faint music playing and her ears grew - which is not typical for a Bhoomie as you already know. This is what she said about it in a recent interview: "The music was always with me, but maybe I didn’t always pay full attention to its special meaning for me. What was obvious to me and to everybody else, though, was that my ears kept growing and growing! After they reached a certain size, I could actually roll them inwards and when I did this, the music was much clearer and louder to me. With the music being so much more present, alerting me to something that I didn't already realise, it didn’t take me long to figure out my special gift! I started following this inner guidance and my life began to feel more rounded and true." Read the full interview here >>

Bhoomie Question for You
Where would you end up if you listened to your heart more?

Bhoomie Secret Share
Miss Tea-time sometimes stews a little grit tea in her pot (this makes for one noisy party).

Green tip
Connect on a heart-level to nature.  This will guide you to remember that you are a part of nature.

Bhoomie Book Club
‘Finding your Way in a Wild New World’ by Martha Beck

 Sing-along Soul Song
‘Jungle Drum’ by Emiliana Torrini