January can sometimes feel a bit darker than other months, especially for those of us embraced by the winter winds in the North. That’s why we decided to make January a month of SHINE, so that Bhoomie Daisy and her new friend Bhoomie Solar Love below can help us light a clear path through it.

Definition of shine: To emit or reflect light.

In the day our brightest light emitter is the Sun. Have you ever heard the line: ‘We are all made of Stardust’? Well it’s true. All the elements that make up our Earth were born from our Sun, and on sunny days I can really feel this celestial connection.

Solar Power-up

Many of us feel better, or more energised when sunshine falls through our windows. When I step out into the sun, two little solar panels tend to stretch out from my ears and catch the sun’s rays as they travel to the ground. It’s such a warm, goose-bump moment, especially if it’s been grey and rainy for a while. I feel a bit like a battery placed on charge. The Sun’s warm energy is transmitted from my little panels all the way down to my toes. And within a few moments I can feel recharged.

Harvesting this energy from the sun not only powers-up my own dwindling resources but it also helps me to be a reflector of light. If I feel good and energised then others instantly sense it. Like a light aura that surrounds me, it makes me and those around me feel instantly more positive.

So if the sun is shining, step out for a few moments and let it flow in through your solar panels. You can use it right there or you can store it for tougher days.

Start reflecting a positive light that makes our world shine brightly through the darkness!

Reflecting lots of solar love,


Solar Love
Solar Love