I AM A ROCK (of course)


I was asked this question by a good friend and it really got me thinking. At first I thought: I am a LION, of course I am a rock. I am strong, I am brave. I am dependable. I am (very) masculine. I never give up. Endurance is my middle name! “Build your house on the ROCK” the song goes…




Then my friend gave me this to read:

“A flower is weak. A rock by the side of the flower is strong. Would you like to be like a rock, or would you like to be like a flower? A flower is weak, remember, very weak – just a small wind and the flower will be gone. The petals will fall to the earth.

A flower is a miracle; it is a miracle how the flower exists. So weak, so soft! Seems to be impossible – how is it possible? Rocks seem to be okay; they exist, they have their arithmetic to exist. But the flower? It seems to be completely unsupported – but still a flower exists; that’s the miracle.” – From the book “Intimacy” by OSHO

I wasn’t so sure anymore about my answer. After some soul-searching and a little bit of help I decided:


For many years I tried every day to Roarrr myself into being a rock. I call it my Rock ‘n Roaring phase.

BUT I had to give in to my sensitive side. I, for instance, love doing poetry. There! I said it, I LOVE doing poetry. Pretty flowery lingo wouldn’t you say?

Beautiful words bundled together into a bouquet of Tulips – what could be more beautiful. Every time I said ROAR, my head started rhyming it with words like SOAR, CORE, MORE, EXPLORE, etc. It got to a point that I could no longer IGNORE it. No, really! At some stage it gets to you if you don’t turn it into something like a poem or a song. Being a LION and having a responsibility to the animal kingdom, I was very confused. How could I be born into a responsibility of stability and strength, but also have feelings of passion, seeking beauty, listening to my inner knowledge, following signs?

So, I went to see the Fish of Far-Sightedness. I’ve heard of him helping other Bhoomies many times over. ┬áThe wisdom that came to me by looking through his magic monocle was uncanny. First it said “Balance”. Then it said: ” Tea” and all I could think was – “Tea rhymes with me”. I told Miss Tea-Time and she decided it will be her new motto. The third clear sign to me was: ” Doorway” and the fourth one “Phoenix”. Now, if that doesn’t shout out “Balance is Showing my Strength through Poetry” – then what would!? So here I am, dependable as a rock and sensitive as a flower. It takes incredible strength and courage for flowers to be. I found my balance. I sometimes even get called names like “Flower” and “Balance-Boy” – that doesn’t bother me, in fact :

I love it!

Bhoomie of Balance | Samson
Bhoomie of Balance | Samson

Whew, glad I got that off my chest!


PS. “Samson is dedicated to my dad, my brothers, all the guys out there that are being strong for someone else, to Adam that painted me the ochre-coloured background that inspired Samson and last, but not least my own strong guy without whom Bhoomies wouldn’t even exist. It is ok to sometimes be flowers!” – Lie-Lie