My dearest Bhoomie friends, last month I shared my story of the running seed that grew into a little shoot of change, and how its sparkle soon grew legs and wings that carried me onto a journey I had never thought I would be on. Today I want to share a bit more of that journey with you.



Chasing the Fear

Although my lungs and feet found the running a tiny bit easier with every go, my head still struggled with some of the doubts it tried to throw in my way. For a few weeks I fell over some of them in my path. They were dark and hairy with red eyes and lots of teeth, and they usually waited for me in my shoes, outside my front door or around the first corner. I became tired of trying to trick them, by making more spur-of-the-moment decisions than planning my runs, but that didn’t help…they were still waiting for me, swinging on my laces.

So I decided rather than them scaring me and filling me with lots of anxious doubts about myself, I would make a game of it and chase them about on my runs. And the more I started chasing them, the more their dark coats turned into fluffy cuddliness, their red eyes to strawberries and their teeth to big white smiles of laughter as they loved the game as much as I did.

Second Seed

With all the fun I had chasing my doubts through the roads and parks, I soon started believing in my ability to run. I became stronger and the running became easier. And just as I thought my running couldn’t get any better, the Bird of Possibility came for a flying visit and dropped a sapling onto my left shoulder and a new idea seed was planted…

What if I could run a marathon?

Remember, idea seeds are dropped on us every day, it is up to you whether you let the roots into your skin.

Let an idea find nourishment in you today and come visit Bhoomieland soon to find out whether I entered that Marathon.