As February is our month of being Eco-warriors, I would like to share with you the book of Farmageddon.

It’s an eye opening investigation by Compassion in World Farming CEO, Philip Lymbery and award-winning journalist Isabel Oakeshott, and together they tell the story of why our world’s farming system is not working.

“Fascinating and terrifying in equal measure, Farmageddon documents an investigative journey behind the closed doors of the factory farming industry. It busts the myth that factory farming is needed to feed the world.”

Reading the book has made me aware that I don’t know much about the farming industry today, and that what I thought I knew was productive, but this is clearly not a beneficial system anymore.

A huge positive has come from this for me though – I have been enlightened and inspired to seek more produce from local organic farms. As fellow eco-warriors I know you will find it interesting too, take a look here:



Sending you lots of nutritious, earthy-soil love!

Zellie xxx