Many of us would have started 2014 promising ourselves a Mary Poppins bag full of things. A mix of resolutions that represent our hopes and dreams for the coming months or years. This year I have decided not to focus on the physical resolutions I normally make, such as getting fit. Instead I have promised myself that I will finally immortalise the novel I’ve been planning in my head for many years.


I have to be honest, some days it is hard to dream. When the washing piles up and you start wearing clothes you were sure you’d given away, or the shopping list seems to have a life of its own, but having a dream gives us the supernatural power of belief. If you believe that you can do something, and start visualising that it’s true, then it will happen. Your belief in your dream will make it easier to take the steps towards it.

Family Support

Family and friends with positive energy are great to have around you when you’re aiming for that goal, but how do you deal with those near to you who criticise without even realising it? Recently, when I shared with a close friend that I was going to focus on writing and publishing a novel this year, she said that it’s great and that I have her full support, but then warned me not to be too hard on myself if the first one doesn’t succeed. And that sometimes it takes a couple of attempts to reach that prize-winning piece. Her response left me deflated and upset. Instantly doubt and fear crept in and for a moment I thought about quickly sealing and hiding the dream back into a safe corner of my heart. Exactly where it was before, safely tucked away. But then I realised, I have to stand up for my dream. No one else will fight for it, so I have to protect and believe in it, otherwise it will disappear.

And after confiding my feelings in Valores Moon we came up with the following comeback:


So when you feel that anyone in your support structure is taking away your power of belief, even when they don’t realise it, then just ask them to support you and believe with you that you can achieve anything, no matter how impossible it may seem to them.

If after the first attempt you don’t reach that dream, then they are allowed to say that they’ll be there for you no matter what happens, but until then they need to believe just as much as you do. And chances are that with all of this belief, you will succeed the first time.

Keep dreaming Bhoomie friends and remember only you can protect your dream!



PS. With love from Valores: